Case Study: Using Content Marketing to Launch a New Site


The above graph is reproduced with permission from a ContentNow client who is using our News service. The site is a brand new consumer electronics site and was launched in January 2013. The client has done no other marketing other than publishing news and reviews provided by ourselves.

As you can see from the graph, from September to December the traffic was minimal and the result of the client adding new pages and content to the site, in preparation for a launch in January.

Then from January onwards the client started publishing a 300 word news story daily. Each day our team of content writers would create a topical newsworthy story relevant to the client’s sector. The client ensured that they had social share buttons next to every piece of News content to encourage sharing from the social networks. Facebook and Twitter specifically.

From February onwards the client started to see a steady increase in traffic purely from our content marketing efforts. No traffic was driven to the site via any paid methods, i.e. Google Adwords. Neither was any link building work carried out on the site. The client wanted to use Content Marketing as the only method of promoting the site and getting it to rank in the search engines.

Because the content we created was topical and unique we started to see lots of social activity and reshares across the social networks. This in turn brought in more visitors to the site and as you can see from March onwards the number of page views started to increase dramatically. We found that once people came to the site they stuck around to read the other engaging content.

By April the client also started to see some really strong search engine results and is on the first page of Google for over 10 of their targeted keywords/keyphrases.

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